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September 10, 2015

ICD-10-CM Present on Admission (POA) Exempt Code List is Now Available

October 1, 2015 and ICD-10-CM diagnosis coding is fast-approaching!

As you know, POA indicators must be reported on each diagnosis code submitted on facility claims, except for “specific” diagnosis codes. CMS publishes a listing of diagnosis codes that are exempt from the POA indicator requirement.

The 2015 Present on Admission (POA) Exempt List is now available on the CMS websiteExternal Website under “Downloads”. We highly encourage you to access and review this listing. It’s crucial that claims submission staff be familiar with the ICD-10-CM codes currently on the file; therefore, make sure your billing and coding vendors are aware of this update.

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Note:  The Part A Provider Contact Center (PCC) will NOT be able to offer assistance or advice regarding diagnosis code crosswalk questions.

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