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 July 10, 2015 - Updated 01.02.19

MoPath: GeneSight® Assay for Refractory Depression Claims Submission Reminders

The Medical Review department has noticed an increase in claim submissions for GeneSight® with referrals from specialties other than licensed psychiatrists. As indicated in ¬†L35443External Website this test should only be ordered/referred by a licensed psychiatrist. If any other specialty orders/refers this test, it will be considered not medically necessary.

To ensure your claims are processed in the most efficient manner, please enter the name of the test (GeneSight) in the narrative/comment section on electronic claims in loop 2300 NTE 01 for Part A. For paper claims, submit the test name in form locator 80 for Part A. A payable ICD-9 code, if appropriate, is needed for payment consideration.

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