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February 10, 2012 - Updated 05.14.18

DDE Password Changes Effective May 7, 2018

For security purposes, and to meet CMS requirements, new DDE password rule changes will be implemented on May 7, 2018. The new password rules will apply the first time you change your password after this date.

The following existing rules will continue to be enforced. All DDE passwords must include:

  • Eight characters
  • At least one upper case alpha character
  • At least one lower case alpha character
  • At least one of the following special characters - @, #, $
  • At least one numeric character
  • Passwords may not be re-used for 12 iterations.
  • Passwords may only be changed once per day.

Beginning on May 7, 2018, the following rules will also be enforced when changing your password:

  • The user's name cannot be contained in the password.
    • Only 3 consecutive characters of the user's name are allowed (e.g., 'Jonathon' cannot be used, but 'jon', 'nat', 'tho', or 'hon' will be accepted).
  • The user's RACF ID cannot be contained in the password.
    • Only 3 consecutive characters of the user ID are allowed.
  • No contiguous repeating characters are allowed. This is not case sensitive (e.g., 'Ppeg42c#' would not be allowed; however, 'Pgep42c#' would be allowed.).
  • No more than 2 consecutive numerals or letters are allowed (e.g., 'abc', '123', or similar are not permitted. Note that some words, such as 'fiRST', 'GHIlly', and 'HIJack' have consecutive alphabetic letters.).
  • The following character strings are not allowed: APPL, APR, AUG, ASDF, BASIC, CADAM, DEC, DEMO, FEB, FOCUS, GAME, IBM, JAN, JUL, JUN, LOG, MAR, MAY, NET, NEW, NOV, OCT, PASS, ROS, SEP, SIGN, SYS, TEST, TSO, VALID, VTAM, XXX, 1234.
  • Only 3 unchanged consecutive positions of the current password are allowed. This is not case sensitive. Re-using 4 consecutive characters from the previous password will result in a failure (e.g., If your current password is '1@Bcdefg', you cannot just change the 1 to a 2 because 7 of the other characters are in the same sequence as before, but you could reverse or scramble the characters.).

You may continue to use your current password until you are prompted to change it.

If you have questions about your DDE password, please contact the CGS EDI Help Desk at 866.590.6703, option 2.

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