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March 27, 2009

Issued on behalf of CEDI

Registering New PTAN/NSC Numbers

Attention All CEDI Trading Partners, Suppliers, Billing Services, Clearinghouses, and Vendors

If you are a DME Supplier who has received a NEW PTAN/NSC Supplier number, you must notify CEDI Enrollment of the new PTAN/NSC number and its associated NPI. The new PTAN/NSC number must also be linked to the NPI in NPPES.

If you do not enroll the new PTAN/NSC number with CEDI and register it with NPPES, claims associated with this new PTAN/NSC number will be rejected.

After March 20, 2009, claims submitted with an NPI linked to a PTAN/NSC not enrolled with CEDI will be returned on the supplier's Electronic Remittance Advice or Standard Paper Remittance with the Reason/Remark Codes to indicate the "Claim service lacks information which is needed for adjudication" and/or "Electronic interchange agreement not on file for provider/submitter."

To resolve DME MAC edit 20011 or Remittance Reason/Remark Codes, suppliers must either:


CEDI will add your PTAN/NSC and notify you via e-mail when this has been completed. Once your CEDI enrollment has been completed, you can resubmit your claims.

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