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Appealing a CERT Error

A redetermination (1st level appeal) may be requested if you feel a CERT error was called incorrectly. Suppliers have the same appeal rights for CERT initiated denials as they do for denials initiated through CGS. For more information about the appeals process and a request form, refer to the Appeals section of our website. If the Redetermination is denied all other levels of appeals are available. When requesting a redetermination, be specific about why you feel the denial was incorrect. Send additional documentation and medical records that may be available to support the medical need for the item(s) denied. To find out more about what documentation may have been missing or why the error was called please access the Jurisdiction C DME MAC Claim Identifier (CID) Tool. If the information has not been added to the CID tool by the time you receive your MRN (Medicare Remittance Notice), contact our CERT Coordinator, Brenda Normandia, at 615-782-4485.

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