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July 21, 2022

What suppliers are saying about our in-person workshops!

The Nashville Mega Workshop (Aug. 18) is the biggest in-person event of the year, and we hope you’re joining us! See what suppliers had to say about previous in-person events earlier this year:

Overall Comments

  • “This was GREAT! Please do again!”
  • “Really enjoyed the workshop. Very informative.”
  • “Amazing experience! Had a great time. Learned so much.”

Workshop Booklet with Copies of Presentations

  • “Very organized, booklet very helpful, help desk always helpful and any handouts are appreciated. Thank you CGS team! Awesome!”

Website Tools

  • “Very good information on tools that can be used in website.”

These comments are just a glimpse of what our workshops offer. Register today to save your spot at the next one!


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