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Information for Medicare Beneficiaries

As a Medicare beneficiary, we know you may have questions regarding the medical equipment item or service you are, or will be, receiving. While our internet site is designed specifically for the suppliers of that equipment or service, we have provided you with some basic coverage information that is written in a way that is a little easier to understand. We have also included helpful links to Medicare program information created just for Medicare beneficiaries. Any questions you may have regarding your equipment/service and payment for that equipment/service must be directed to 1.800.MEDICARE. CGS Jurisdiction B cannot answer beneficiary questions nor do we provide beneficiary services through our website.

If you received an online request to complete a survey of our website, and you selected "yes" – please remember that you are rating a website that has been designed exclusively for suppliers of Durable Medical Equipment. Our website is not designed for Medicare beneficiaries. is the website specifically for Medicare beneficiaries.

Posted: 07.01.16

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