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December 18, 2018

Fiscal Intermediary Standard System (FISS) Direct Data Entry (DDE) Screen Changes

The January 2019 quarterly system release, which will be implemented on January 7, 2019, includes changes to the following FISS DDE screens.  In addition, the following chapters of the Part A DDE User Manual/Reference Guide and the home health and hospice FISS DDE Guide have been updated to reflect these changes.  

Part A

Home Health and Hospice

Inquiry Menu Screen
The new selection, “INVOICE NO/DCN TRANS” will be added to the FISS DDE Inquiry Menu (Map 1702) screen.  The MLN Matters® article MM10542External PDF explains that this option allows providers to use DDE to look up the claims associated with an Accounts Receivable (AR) by using the invoice number on the AR to find the Document Control Number (DCN), and then using the DCN to look up the claims. 


Option 88 - MAPHDCN
Once Option 88 is selected, the MAPHDCN screen displays.

Providers may enter the DCN in the FISS DCN field and press F9 to populate the Invoice Number field.  Or, enter the Invoice Number in the Invoice Number field and press F9 to populate the FISS DCN field.


Claim Summary (Option 12)
The Claim Summary Inquiry screen (MAP 1741) will be updated to include the DCN field.  Providers will need to enter their National Provider Identifier in the NPI field, the patient’s Medicare ID number in the MID field, and the DCN in the DCN field you are searching for and press enter. 


As mentioned, these changes will be effective on January 7, 2019.  For details about FISS DDE, refer to Part A DDE User Manual/Reference Guide Web page or the home health and hospice FISS DDE Guide Web page.

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