HHH Recorded Webinars

If you were unable to attend any of the following webinars, take this opportunity to replay the live presentation at your own convenience. The webinars listed below are available for one year from the date of the live webinar. Click on the title of the webinar and register to access the presentation and audio.

Date of Live Webinar Provider Type Title
05.15.2019 Home Health and Hospice Optimizing Your Medicare Appeals ExperienceExternal Website
04.10.2019 Home Health and Hospice Home Health and Hospice / Bulletin Review for Home Health and Hospice ProvidersExternal Website
03.28.2019 Home Health and Hospice New Medicare Card Transition Ask-the-Contractor teleconference (ACT)External Website
03.27.2019 Home Health Come Join Our Home Health Clinical Conversation - Questions and ConcernsExternal Website
02.28.2019 Hospice Avoiding Reason Code 37402: Hospice Sequential Billing Tips & ResourcesExternal Website
02.27.2019 Hospice Hospice Length of Stay Supporting Longer StaysExternal Website
02.14.2019 Home Health and Hospice CERT Most Common Denials and How to Avoid Them – Home Health and HospiceExternal Website
01.31.2019 Hospice Hospice – General Inpatient (GIP) Level of CareExternal Website
01.29.2019 Home Health Change Request 10789 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)External Website
01.17.2019 Home Health and Hospice What is CERT and What Does It Mean To Me?External Website
12.21.2018 Home Health Home Health Targeted Probe and Educate (TPE) DenialsExternal Website
12.19.2018 Home Health and Hospice myCGS EnhancementsExternal Website
12.13.2018 Home Health Home Health Face-to-Face – End Those Denials! Ask the Contractor Teleconference (ACT)External Website
12.06.2018 Home Health and Hospice How to Submit DocumentationExternal Website
11.27.2018 Home Health and Hospice myCGS MR Dashboard and Claims Tab EnhancementsExternal Website
11.15.2018 Home Health Home Health Agency Misuse of Requests for Anticipated Payments (RAPs) Information Sharing SessionExternal Website
10.04.2018 Hospice A Review of MLN SE18007: Recent & Upcoming Improvements in Hospice Billing & Claims ProcessingExternal Website
08.29.2018 Home Health Face-to-Face – Make the Headaches Go AwayExternal Website
08.23.2018 Home Health and Hospice The Medicare Remittance Advice: Guidance & InterpretationExternal Website
07.26.2018 Home Health and Hospice Incentives of Using myCGSExternal Website
06.28.2018 Hospice Hospice – Documenting Slow Decline Ask-the-Contractor Teleconference (ACT)External Website
06.26.2018 Home Health and Hospice Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Myths & ResourcesExternal Website
06.25.2018 Home Health Home Health Face to Face Persistent Concerns
06.20.2018 Home Health and Hospice CGS Provider Enrollment Hour
06.07.2018 Home Health and Hospice Medicare Resources for New & Small ProvidersExternal Website

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