Attention myCGS Administrators and Users: Update Opt In/Opt Out to Green Mail!
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November 22, 2017

Attention myCGS Administrators and Users: Update Opt In/Opt Out to Green Mail!

Effective immediately, myCGS Administrators have an option of opting In to receive Greenmail only or opting out to receive Greenmail and a paper notification.

Recently myCGS users were notified of the expansion of our Green Mail process that allows myCGS users IMMEDIATE access to correspondence sent from CGS.

This includes:

  • Additional Documentation Request (ADR) for medical records and other documentation (pre- and post-pay)
  • Requests for information to complete processing of pending claims
  • Unfavorable and partially-favorable decisions on Redeterminations
  • Reopening Correction Letter
  • Claim dismissal letters
  • Letters identifying changes to beneficiary records
  • And MANY more!

Notification is delivered to the myCGS "Messages" tab of the Users and Administrators registered under a specific PTAN/NPI combination. To ensure you receive the notification, Users and Administrators will also be sent an email to the registered email address informing them notification has been delivered to the myCGS inbox.

In order to setup to receive both Green Mail and Paper notification, myCGS administrators will need to follow the instructions below after logging into myCGS:

After log in:


Administrators select 'Admin' tab


Administrator select 'Green Mail Options' tab


Default is Opt OUT; Administrator selects Opt IN for Greenmail only or Opt OUT for Greenmail and paper notification, then select 'Change'


Not registered for myCGS? Check here for additional information on the various functions myCGS has to offer!

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