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Checking Claim Status

Use one of the following self-service tools to check the status of your claim.

  • Call the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) at 1.877.220.6289. The IVR provides the status of a claim (e.g., processed, pending, denied, returned to provider, rejected), when it was received, the type of bill, claim location, and total charges. For additional information on using the IVR, access the IVR User Guide.
  • Access the Fiscal Intermediary Standard System (FISS) via Direct Data Entry (DDE):
    • From the FISS Main Menu, select 01 "Inquiries."
    • From the Inquiry Menu, select 12 "Claim Summary."
    • From the Claim Summary Inquiry screen, enter your facility's NPI number in the NPI field, and the beneficiary's Medicare ID number in the MID field.
    • Press Enter
  • Access myCGS, a free, and easy-to-use online web portal that provides you with a safe and secure access to your claim information allowing you to check the status of your claims, beneficiary eligibility, MSP information, and payment information. For additional information about myCGS and how to register, refer to the myCGS User Manual Chapter 1: Overview of myCGS.


Updated: 10.11.21


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