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June 28, 2022

IE Ending

J15 myCGS Will No Longer Support Internet Explorer Beginning 8/15/2022

Microsoft is discontinuing support of the Internet Explorer (IE) browser (including IE 11) on June 15, 2022. As a result, the Jurisdiction 15 (J15) myCGS web portal will also discontinue support of IE.

Beginning August 15, 2022, you will no longer be able to use IE to log into myCGS. If you attempt to log into myCGS using any version of IE on August 15th or later, your login attempt will be blocked.

If you are an IE user, you must switch to a different browser before August 15th. The following internet browsers will continue to work with myCGS:

  • MS Edge (preferred)
  • Safari
  • Google Chrome

Note that although we are allowing access to myCGS through IE until August 15th, IE's official support ends on June 15th. If you continue using IE, you may experience technical issues with both the website and J15 myCGS web portal even before August 15th.

We strongly recommend that you change your browser as soon as possible to avoid any possible issues.


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