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April 9, 2019

myCGS Enhancement: Smoking Cessation/Counseling Services

Currently, the 'Preventive' sub-tab under 'Eligibility' in myCGS provides the following information as it relates to the Smoking Cessation benefit:

  • Number of sessions in the benefit period
  • Benefit period sessions remaining
  • The date the patient is next eligible to receive the service

The following enhancements were recently made to this function:

  • If there is prior smoking cessation usage within the last 12 months, myCGS will return:
    • The initial cessation session date of the cessation period
    • The number of sessions in the benefit (8)
    • The number of remaining sessions in the cessation period
  • If there is no prior smoking cessation usage, the benefit period and the number of remaining session will display (8)

myCGS will display information only for the most recent smoking cessation period. Prior periods will not be displayed.


Take advantage of this enhancement and a number of additional myCGS functions available to you.

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