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January 15, 2019

CGS Website Search Feature Enhancements

CGS continually works to improve your experience when you visit the CGS J15 Medicare website.  CGS recently implemented improvements to the website Search function.  Please share the following new features with your staff.

  • Autocomplete – Our search engine now uses a language prediction tool that provides suggestions as you type in a search term.  The autocomplete menu drops down below the search bar as you type and changes with each keystroke to provide increasingly accurate predictions.  For example, while you type 'claim status' in the search field, the language prediction tool displays the predicted results.

    Screen shot

  • Misspelled Words – When you mistakenly misspell a search term (e.g., claim), the search engine will provide search results for the correct spelling (e.g., claim).  The message below will display.

    Screen Shot

  • No Results – When the search engine does not find results to your search term, a message will display with tips for trying different search terms.

    Screen Shot

  • Search Tips –Once you have initiated a search, click on the updated "Search Tips" link for information that will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

    Screen Shot

As always, your feedback is important to CGS! Share your comments and suggestions by participating in the website satisfaction surveyExternal Website or submit your feedback on the CGS Website Feedback Web page.


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