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December 19, 2014

Portable X-Ray Services: Set-Up Component (HCPCS Code Q0092)

A set-up component for each radiologic procedure (other than retakes of the same procedure), during both single patient and multiple patient trips, may be covered for portable x-ray suppliers, assuming that the services are medically necessary and meet all other Medicare requirements.  These services are submitted with HCPCS code Q0092.

Only one set-up component is allowed for bilateral radiological services (e.g., bilateral knee x-rays).  HCPCS code Q0092 is assigned a bilateral indicator of “0” in the CMS Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Database, which means that this code cannot be submitted with CPT modifier 26 or HCPCS modifier TC. If HCPCS code Q0092 is submitted for bilateral radiological services for the same patient, CGS will allow a single service, assuming all other coverage requirements are met. Bilateral adjustments are not appropriate for this code.

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