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Revised December 11, 2015

Acceptable Submission Methods for Responses to Additional Documentation Requests (ADR)

In certain circumstances, Medicare contractors may be unable to make a determination on a claim chosen for review based upon the information on the claim, its attachments, or the billing history found in our claims processing system or the Common Working File (CWF). In those instances, CGS will solicit documentation from the provider or supplier by issuing an additional documentation request (ADR).

CGS will accept ADR responses via mail, either hardcopy or on CD/DVD, myCGS or via fax

  • United States Postal Service (USPS) / Certified Mail
    • CGS Administrators, LLC
      Medicare Part B
      PO Box 20018
      Nashville, TN 37214-3685
  • FedEx or UPS
    • CGS Administrators, LLC
      Medicare Part B
      26 Century Blvd STE ST610
      Nashville, TN 37214-3685
  • Via fax
    • Kentucky: 615.664.5964
    • Ohio: 615.664.5966
  • myCGS Web Portal
    • Select the Forms tab within myCGS then select the ADR option, this will allow users to submit documentation in response to additional documentation requests (ADRs) received from our medical review (MR) department.

Documentation Submission Tips:

  • Imaged medical documentation on CD/DVD should be in a PDF format and may be mailed by any means described in this article.
  • To ensure claims are processed effectively, the ADR letter should be the first page of your documentation submission.
    • This is especially important when multiple ADRs are sent together.
    • The QR barcode located in the bottom right corner of the first page allows proper indexing to ensure your documentation is applied to the correct pended claim.
  • Verify that all documents are legible.
  • Verify that all documents include valid signatures.
  • Verify the return address is correct.

If you have additional questions, please call our Provider Contact Center at 866.276.9558.


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