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Maximize convenience by submitting your Immediate Offset requests using myCGSPDF! If you use the Immediate Offset Request Form PDF please be sure to send to the correct fax number.

Immediate Recoupment for 935 Overpayments

Providers have the opportunity to request immediate recoupment to avoid making payment by check and/or avoid the assessment of interest if the immediate recoupment pays the debt in full before day 31. An immediate recoupment is considered a voluntary repayment. The request for immediate recoupment should be received in writing at least 16 days from the date of initial demand letter to avoid the assessment of interest; however, when the request is received after 16 days from the date of the demand letter, the debt shall be placed in an immediate recoupment status and interest will continue to accrue if the debt is not fully collected by day 31. Please note the following two options for immediate recoupment:

  1. A one-time request on the total overpayment amount (All accounts receivables) in a single demand letter and any future demanded overpayments; Or
  2. A request on the demanded overpayment (All accounts receivables) addressed in a single demand letter only.

For overpayments that receive a demand letter:

  • Complete the J15 Part A and HH&H Services Immediate Offset Request Form
  • Fax request to:
    • 1.615.664.5916 (KY)
    • 1.615.664.5926 (OH)


Refer to these resources for more information on identification and recovery of Medicare overpayments:

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