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myCGS Claim Benefits

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Instant Submission:

Once you hit "Submit" in myCGS, your claim is instantly loaded into the claim processing system.
The days your claims spent in the mail will be a thing of the past.

Up to 2X Faster Payment:

E-claims have the same payment floor as electronic claims, meaning that they are processed in as few as 14 days.
Paper claims have a payment floor of 29 days.

Cost Savings:

Go ahead and cut those stamps and paper submission forms out of your budget.
myCGS is free of charge to all CGS providers.


Instant Claim Correction:

In addition to these benefits, you can correct rejected e-claims via myCGS.

Less Work:

Stop worrying about accidentally making a mark outside of the red line.
Just key in your claim information and hit submit. Let us do the rest.

Detailed Claim Info:

Check the status of submitted claims, including detailed information about each claim.


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