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MR Activity Log MR Activities

Updated: 11.22.19

Review Topic Codes Involved Prepay TPE Postpay TPE
Psychotherapy Services 90832-90834, 90836-90838 w/wo E/M Services Active  
Critical Care Visits 99291-99292 Active  
Drugs (frequency of screening and Evaluation and Management) All levels of E/M visits with Rx Active Active
Emergency Room Visits 99284-99285 Active  
Home Visits 99349-99350 Active  
Hospital Visits 99220, 99222-99223, & 99232-99233 Active  
Labs and Other Tests All codes Inactive  
Modifier 25 99213 Active  
New Providers All codes under review Active  
Nursing Facility Visits 99304-99310 Active  
Nursing Home/Assisted Living Visits 99334-99337 Active  
Office Visits 99204-99215 and with G0479 Active  
Ambulance A0428, A0434, and A0425 Active  
Physical and Occupational Therapy 97110, 97112, 97113, 97116, 97140, 97530 Active  

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