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Effective January 1, 2020, clerical reopenings must only be submitted with the Beneficiaries' MBI number.

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Submitting instant online Reopening Adjustment Request Forms is one of the many benefits of myCGS.

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Effective October 21, 2019:

  • CGS Part B Clerical Reopening will no longer accept fax submissions. The fax line will be disabled.
  • Hardcopy Reopenings will be accepted ONLY on the current form.
  • The Reopenings form must be typed. We suggest you access the hardcopy form online, type, and then download to print.
  • Submissions must be for only one claim per form. No spreadsheets will be accepted.

Incorrect form submissions will be returned to the provider. TIP: Consider using myCGS to submit your Reopening requests!

See "How to File a Clerical Reopening" below.

How to File a Clerical Reopening

How to File a Clerical Reopening

When Not to File

When Not to File



Hints and Reminders

Reopening Helpful Hints and Reminders

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