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Provider Enrollment


Provider Enrollment Revalidations: Things You Should Know

Who must Revalidate

All providers and suppliers enrolled with Medicare must revalidate their enrollment information on a periodic basis. Generally, physicians and NPPs revalidate enrollment every 5 years or when CMS requests it.

What is being Revalidated

The accuracy of provider/supplier enrollment information. This includes active PTANS (Medicare numbers on file with your MAC carrier)

When is Revalidation due

Generally every 5 years.

Part A, HHH & B providers and suppliers will be issued a due date on Website.

Provider/suppliers not due for revalidation will display a "TBD" (To Be Determined) in the due date field. This means that you do not yet have a due date for revalidation. Please do not submit a revalidation application if there is NOT a listed due date.

Where is Revalidation sent to

The fastest and most efficient way to submit your revalidation information is via PECOSExternal Website.

However, Paper CMS-855 applications, which can be completed and submitted to CGS Administrators, LLC at the address:

J15—Part B Provider Enrollment
CGS Administrators, LLC
P.O. Box 20017
Nashville, TN 37202

Why Revalidation delays and deactivations occur

Non-compliance to revalidation request letter. Corrections requested and not sent timely.

CMS Revalidation Due Date Tool

CMS Revalidation Due Date ToolExternal Website


ChecklistExternal PDF

Revalidation FAQs

Top Provider Questions – Provider Enrollment Revalidation Initiative

Revalidation Cycle 2

Revalidation Cycle 2External PDF


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