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Check here for a status of EDI systems and a log of resolved EDI issues.

Claims Processing Issues Log

Listed below are current system-related claims processing issues. Updates are made to this log frequently, as soon as information becomes available. We encourage you to review this log often and prior to contacting the Provider Contact Center. A list of resolved issues is also available at the end of this list. If you still have questions, please contact the Provider Contact Center or use one of our self-service tools.

Date Reported Status Provider Type Impacted Description of Issue Reason Codes Claim Coding Impact Date Resolved
11.15.2017 Pending All providers Payers secondary to Medicare aren't able to process some of your direct billed claims due to patient responsibility deductible and coinsurance amounts on the Medicare Remittance Advice (RA) showing zero. Claims automatically crossed over from Medicare to secondary payers aren't impacted. N/A N/A  
MAC Action N/A
Provider Action Providers may want to hold QMB claims and submit them after December 8. Reference the CMS QMB Remittance Advice Issue announcement for additional information.
Proposed Resolution On December 8, 2017, CMS systems will revert back to the previous display of patient responsibility for QMBs on the Medicare RA.

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