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March 4, 2020

Update to myCGS Administrator Unlock Feature!

If you are a myCGS Provider Administrator, you have the ability to unlock users and additional Provider Administrators when they have been locked out after three unsuccessful attempts within a 120 minute time span.

This feature has been enhanced to allow you to unlock users who are disabled for not meeting the 30-day log-in requirement!

To unlock an account:

  • From the Admin tab and the User Listing sub-tab, locate the user who has been locked.
    • You may use the Filter field to enter the user’s name or ID.
  • Once you find the user, click on the gear icon located under the Actions column.
  • Select Unlock to re-establish the user’s access to myCGS.

    Screen Shot

As a reminder, CGS suggests there be at least two Provider Administrators established for each provider office (PTAN/NPI combination) to be responsible for creating, deleting and granting permission to additional myCGS users (Provider Users) related to that PTAN/NPI combination.

For more information, please refer to the myCGS User Manual. For help with passwords and log-in requirements, please refer to myCGS Password Quick Reference Guide.


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