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myCGS Alerts

KEY: myCGS Status Green
myCGS is functioning normally.
myCGS Status Yellow
There is an issue with one of the myCGS features.
myCGS Status Red
myCGS is currently down.

Below is a list of known issues that users have experienced in myCGS. Please refer to this page for workarounds and resolutions to myCGS issues.

Date Reported





Date Resolved
01.15.20 myCGS and the IVR are not returning eligibility information at this time.
The myCGS portal and IVR are unable to return eligibility information due to an external system outage. We are working to resolve the issue, please check back later. Open  


Certain letters in myCGS display a message stating “We could not find documents matching the search criteria.”

When attempting to open and view/print some letters in myCGS, an error message is displayed and the letter is unavailable to be viewed.

Refer to the original letter that was sent to you.




New DAs who are able to access the portal do not have any NPI/PTAN/Tax ID associated and therefore cannot use any functions other than User Management.

New DAs who are able to access the portal do not have any NPI/PTAN/Tax ID associated and therefore cannot use any functions other than User Management.

Use the IVR.




Some End Users are unable to complete initial myCGS registration.

When attempting to register for myCGS in the End User role, some users are receiving an error that states, "The wait operation timed out." Users are therefore unable to complete registration.

We are working to resolve this issue quickly. Try registering again later.  




Attempts to submit an ADR response for claims with more than three HCPCS codes result in an error.

If you are responding to an ADR for a claim that contains more than three HCPCS values, the submission will fail.

Submit your ADR response via traditional methods (mail or fax).




Closing your browser window/tab results in an improper log out from myCGS and prevents you from logging back in immediately.

If you close your browser window/tab while logged into myCGS without properly logging out, you must wait 15 minutes before you are able to log back in.

Always use the Log Out button (in the top-right corner) before closing your browser.




Some Designated Approvers (DAs) are receiving an error when attempting to approve initial End User registration.

After a new End User has submitted their myCGS registration, they must be approved by a DA. In some cases, DAs are receiving an error message when attempting to approve the request.

This issue is not affecting all users. If there are multiple DAs in your company, have another DA attempt to approve the End User.




On the ADR Detail screen, the Review Results Code(s) link occasionally opens to a blank page.

When there are no results found for Review Result Codes on an ADR, the screen will display as blank rather than state that no codes are found. This only occurs when there are no review result codes.

Ignore the blank page.




When there is a second ADR letter sent on an ADR case, the new ADR letter takes the place of the original ADR letter on the ADR Detail and Summary screens.

If a new (second) ADR letter is sent for a claim, the original letter is no longer viewable in myCGS.

If for any reason you need to refer to the original ADR letter, you will need to use the copy originally mailed to you.




On ADR submission, myCGS allows for the same file to be uploaded more than once.

myCGS does not currently eliminate suspected duplicates during ADR submission if you go through the ADR upload process more than once.

Be careful not to include duplicate files.




When attempting to deny a recertification, DAs are receiving an error message.

If a DA attempts to deny recertification of an End User, myCGS returns a message stating "There was a problem updating [user name]: NOTFOUND."

Rather than denying the recertification, let the recertification deadline pass. You can also go to the User Management screen and remove the End User's myCGS access.




On the Diabetic Supplies/Shoes Billing History screen, myCGS states that only claims within 6 months prior to and after the date entered are displayed; however, myCGS returns different date spans of claims based on the type of diabetic history selected.

myCGS is intentionally programmed to provide different date spans before and after the date of service (DOS) entered for different types of diabetic supplies/shoes (based on Medicare payment rules). The message of "6 months" is incorrect for some types, but myCGS is returning the claims over the correct date spans.

Ignore the "6 months" message. myCGS provides the following date span values for diabetic supplies/shoes: Testing Supplies A4253 & A4259: 90 days prior to and after the DOS entered. Testing Supplies Other: 6 months prior to and after the DOS entered. Shoes A5500 & A5501: Full calendar year entered. Shoes Other: Full calendar year entered.


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