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Claims Education

CGS has one of the most robust, bilingual Outreach and Education teams in Medicare! Use this section to review our extensive online library of video and self-paced education as well as upcoming live Webinars, teleconferences, workshops and seminars for your area!

When it comes to preparing and submitting claims, your Provider Outreach and Education (POE) team has everything you need! In additional to a 10-part Online Education Series, they've also partnered with Dr. Robert Hoover, Jurisdiction C Medical Director, to develop a unique series of video education called, "Medicare Minute™". These short information programs help you better understand the complexities of Local Coverage Determination (LCD) policies, HCPCS codes and modifiers needed to support claim submission and payment, and they provide you with a unique perspective of Medicare policy from a leading health care professional!

The following education was originally produced for Jurisdiction C however, the education is also applicable to Jurisdiction B and will assist you in billing your claims right the first time!

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