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MAP171E – Entering National Drug Code (NDC)

The National Drug Code (NDC) must be reported on the same claim line that corresponds with the revenue code 0250 for non-injectable drugs .

For claims with dates of service on or after October 1, 2018, hospices are no longer required to report a charge total and amount dispensed per drug. Refer to MM10573 for additional information.


  • RED = Required field
  • BLUE = Optional field
  • GREEN = Conditional field, dependent on the type of claim
  • PURPLE = System generated field
  • BLACK = Not required field

Field Descriptions for Map171E

The MID (Medicare ID), TOB, S/LOC and Provider fields are system generated from Claim Page 01.

Field Name/Requirement Description


Enter the 11-digit NDC (without hyphens). Make sure that you enter it on the corresponding 0250 revenue code line. For example, in the above screen example, the revenue code 0250 was entered on claim lines 2 and 3; therefore, the NDC information on MAP171E is entered on the corresponding lines 2 and 3.


Enter the quantity, right justified; a decimal point and zero (.0) may be required. For example: an NCD QUANTITY of '50' is '.500'; a '50.0 is '50.000'


Enter the units of measurement qualifier:

  • F2(international Unit)
  • GR (Gram)
  • ME (Milligram)
  • ML (Milliliter)
  • UN (Unit)

Posted: 09.27.18


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