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November 9, 2018

Information about Calendar Year (CY) 2019 Participation Enrollment and Medicare Participating Physicians and Suppliers Directory (MEDPARD) Procedures

We encourage you to visit the Medicare Learning Network® (MLN) ( Website) the place for official CMS Medicare Fee-For-Service provider educational information. There you can find one of our most popular products, MLN Matters national provider education articles. These articles help you understand new or changed Medicare policy and how those changes affect you. A full array of other educational products (including Web-based training courses, hard copy and downloadable publications, and CD-ROMs) are also available and can be accessed at: Website. You can also find other important Web sites by visiting the Physician Center Web page at:, and the All Fee-For-Service Providers Web page at Website.

In addition to educational products, the MLN also offers providers and suppliers opportunities to learn more about the Medicare program through MLN National Provider Calls. These national conference calls, held by CMS for the Medicare Fee-For-Service provider and supplier community, educate and inform participants about new policies and/or changes to the Medicare program. Offered free of charge, continuing education credits may be awarded for participation in certain National Provider Calls. To learn more about MLN National Provider Calls including upcoming calls, registration information, and links to previous call materials, visit Website.

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