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October 25, 2018

Check the Status of Requests Submitted through myCGS!

After submitting a form (such as a Redetermination, eOffset, Part B Reopening) through myCGS, you will be taken to the Messages tab. A confirmation message will be sent to you confirming receipt of your form. Once the form is accepted into our system, a second message will be sent to your inbox which will include a Submission ID assigned to your request.

The message with the Submission ID provides instructions on how to check the status of your request!

Simply select the Submission ID in the message. You may also check the status of your request by clicking the Get Status button located on the upper-left of your inbox.


If you check the status by selecting the Get Status button, you must enter the Submission ID assigned to your request in the 'Submission ID' field, and click 'Submit'.


A page will display with the Submission ID, the status of the request, the date/time the request was received, the type of request submitted, and the User's information.


Once your form is processed and completed, you will receive another message with the Subject 'Secure Form Completed' in your message inbox.


Refer to the myCGS webpage for more information on additional exciting options available to you!

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