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September 18, 2018

Annual Recertification Due by September 30th

All Direct Data Entry (DDE) and Professional Provider Telecommunication Network (PPTN) users have until September 30, 2018, to complete and fax their Annual DDE PPTN Recertification FormPDF. Failure to complete the Annual DDE Recertification will cause an interruption in performing your Medicare related duties. CGS J15 has sent weekly Listserv announcements since July of 2018 notifying the provider community of this annual event. A large volume of forms were submitted with invalid user IDs and/or missing signatures. Emails were sent to the contact person listed on the form to identify the invalid user IDs and non-signed forms. The DDE PPTN Annual Recertification process is unrelated to the myCGS J15 Recertification. Forms received with myCGS user IDs will be returned to the contact person. CGS also noticed an influx of the J15 DDE PPTN Application/Reactivation applications. Please note: the Annual DDE PPTN Recertification FormPDF is the only form needed to complete the annual recertification. Any other form will not be honored. Failure to complete the correct form will cause a deactivation of your DDE/PPTN user ID with CGS J15 Medicare.

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