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July 11, 2018

Incorrect Patient Billed on Claims - Completing the Part B Overpayment Recovery Request Form

In situations where you have been overpaid and you would like to submit an unsolicited refund to us, you may do so by completing the Part B KY & OH Overpayment Recovery RequestPDF form. This is the form to use when you know the specific amount you have been overpaid and wish to return those funds via check.

A scenario we commonly see when the incorrect patient is identified on a claim:
Patient A was seen in the office May 29, 2018. A claim is submitted to us for services rendered, however, the name and Medicare ID of one of your other patients, Patient B, is mistakenly identified as the patient seen.

If/when you are paid on a claim submitted with the incorrect patient, identify "Billed in Error" on the Part B Overpayment Recovery Request Form to ensure correct processing. Read more here...

Screen Shot

Identifying the correct reason for the overpayment and completing the form accurately and in its entirety will ensure correct processing of the overpayment and prevent inappropriate disclosures.

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