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May 31, 2018

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) Converter

In an email notification sent on April 17, 2018, CGS first told Medicare providers of the changes to the IVR and CTI messages when prompted to enter the beneficiary’s Medicare number. We also introduced the new Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) converter, which takes the MBI number that you enter and provides you with information needed to enter using the telephone keypad.

Because both the IVR and CTI require entry of the beneficiary name and Medicare number, CGS recently updated the website to combine the Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) converter and the IVR Beneficiary Name to Number Converter.  The IVR and CTI Converter Tools web page at now allows providers to get the necessary information to enter into the IVR and CTI all in one place on our website.

First, enter the MBI and click “Convert My MBI>>”.  The characters needed to enter the MBI into the IVR or CTI will display.  Second, enter the first initial of the beneficiary’s first name and the first six letters of their last name in the “Enter Name” field, and click “Convert the Beneficiary’s Name>>”.  The numbers needed to enter the beneficiary’s name will display.

Screen Shot

Bookmark this web page to your favorites list for quick access.  The IVR and CTI Converter Tools web page can be found on the CGS website at:

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