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myCGS and Hardcopy Automated Part B Reopenings

Do you want ease when filing your Part B Reopening? Do you want to receive a FASTER response?

Part B Reopenings now has selected types of corrections which are system automated. Completing the myCGS Reopenings forms accurately will result in a FASTER processing time!

Automated Reopenings forms include:

Coming soon:

  • Automation to cancel one line of the claim
  • Large spreadsheet for any type of automated function when providers have a high volume of the same type of correction

Attention Paper Submitters:

  • Consider signing up for myCGS, our FREE web portalPDF, for a FASTER electronic way to submit your reopening. myCGS: Your Electronic Gateway to Self-Service.
  • If using the Reopenings form, to avoid problems with legibility, type information directly onto the form, save a copy, and then print it to send by mail or fax.

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