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March 6, 2018

Process Improvements Based On Your 2017 MSI Survey Feedback!

Your voice was heard and appreciated. We made improvements within the past year in response to your comments in the 2017 Medicare Satisfaction Indicator (MSI) Survey feedback results. Based on your feedback, CGS enhanced the following.


  • Updated Part A and home health and hospice letters based on provider feedback to include beneficiary names.
  • Information shared in redetermination notices was streamlined and we focused on making it easier to understand.
  • Worked with the Provider Contact Centers (PCC) to develop a process where Appeals will answer all referred provider inquiries within 3 business days.

Audit & Reimbursement:

  • Increased communication with providers when discussing adjustments impacting their Medicare Cost Report.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI):

  • Improved provider education for DDE Recertification by:
    • Sending Listserv messages twice a week three months prior to the deadline.
    • Placing a banner on the CGS website to ensure visibility to providers.
    • Making educational calls to HHH providers to avoid possible disruption.
    • Providing DDE Recertification process information at all venues.
    • Posting the recertification form on the CGS website for providers to access and submit in a more timely manner.
  • Continued education being provided to the EDI Tier I representatives during PCC training to ensure up to date information is provided to the callers.

Medical Review (MR):

myCGS Web Portal:

  • Improved provider experience by updating and communicating the web browsers that allow myCGS to perform at its best.
  • Changed the timeframe in which providers need to recertify and verify their access to myCGS, to better protect the privacy of your patient's protected information.
  • Added the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) sub-tab allowing providers the ability to verify their patient's QMB status.
  • Implemented Comparative Billing Reports (CBRs) allowing providers the resources to self-assess their billing practices in comparison to their peers.
  • Expanded the Green Mail initiative allowing providers to choose to receive correspondence through myCGS only or both hardcopy and from myCGS.
  • Provided added convenience for providers by extending the timeframe the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) code is active from 15 minutes to 8 hours.

Provider Contact Center (PCC):

  • Offered special events allowing providers to ask more than 3 inquiries per telephone call.
  • Established data gathering process relative to call reasons to share feedback with POE and the customer service representatives (CSRs) to use for educating providers.

Provider Enrollment:

  • Analyzed telephone inquiries to better understand our provider needs and to ensure provider enrollment staff have the necessary tools to provide consistent information. Staff awareness training sessions as well as refresher training is conducted for all provider enrollment analysts. The following article/job aide was published to promote awareness and understanding of common inquiry reasons.
  • Analyzed top enrollment application errors or development reasons monthly and updated are made to the Most Common Enrollment Application Errors Web page with tips to ensure accurate and complete submission. Providers will soon have access to our average enrollment application cycle times on our website, allowing them to know each day how long it takes us to complete work.
  • Provider Enrollment staff have begun hosting Ask the Contractor Teleconference (ACT) calls, allowing providers to ask provider enrollment experts questions and receive assistance on enrollment issues. Recent discussion topics included top development reasons and how to avoid them, revalidation refresher, and how to effectively use PECOS to submit your enrollment applications.

Provider Outreach and Education (POE):

  • Changed the frequency of CGS listserv notifications to Tuesdays and Thursdays, unless urgent information needed to be distributed.
  • Increased education by offering more educational events. Check our Calendar of Events web page often for the latest educational offerings and recordings.
  • Implemented a process to post all relevant claims processing issues more timely on the Claims Processing Issue Log web page.


  • Updates were made to the CGS J15 Web pages, giving them a new look by adding icons so topics of interest are easier to locate and direct you to the information you're looking for.
  • Added a listing of the J15 Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs) that link directly to the Medicare Coverage Database on the CMS website. Providers are able to search for a CPT/HCPC and return the relevant CLD using CTL+F.
  • Began recording and posting our live webinars/teleconferences allowing providers to view the presentation at their own convenience. Refer to the following page for recordings currently available.
  • Implemented a process where relevant claims processing issues are posted to the Claims Processing Issues Log Web page and regular updates are provided.

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