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February 22, 2018

Attention Part B myCGS Users Use myCGS to Correct Your New Year's Errors!

With the New Year, there are new CPT Codes, new ICD-10 diagnosis codes and a new year of service date. When you notice that you need to make a correction to one of these clerical errors, you can correct them by using the myCGS web portal. This will save you time and the process is very simple to follow.

Part B ReopeningsPDF

 Need to make a correction to the diagnosis

Submitted a incorrect billed amount

Billed a service or claim in error

Entered the wrong date of service or year of service

Claim is missing or submitted a invalid modifier

Have a simple clerical correction for multiple claims with the same issue

Submitted a the wrong CPT or a invalid CPT for year of service

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