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January 4, 2018

Start The Year Off RIGHT!

To help you have a HAPPY 2018, check out our Data Analysis webpage! You can find the new page by selecting the "Education & Events" tab, then clicking on the "Educational Resources" icon.

For your convenience we have identified the following data points:

  • Top reasons we deny your claims;
  • Top reasons your claims are Returned-to-Provider (RTP) as unprocessable;
  • Top issues that cause delays in processing your Medicare Provider Enrollment applications, both those submitted via Internet-based PECOS and paper CMS-855 applications;
  • Top reasons you contact the Provider Contact Center (PCC).

Also noted are resources to address each issue…saving you TONS of time so you can focus on other things.

Please share this new webpage with your entire staff, and watch for additional data available in the future!

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