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CRNA Qualifications

  • The hospital or CAH is located in a rural area as defined in 412.62(f) and is not deemed to be located in an urban area under the provisions of 412.64(b)3.
  • The hospital or CAH must have employed or contracted with a qualified nonphysician anesthetist, as defined in 410.69 of this chapter.  The hospital or CAH may employ or contract with more than one anesthetist; however, the total number of hours of service furnished by the anesthetists may not exceed 2,080 hours per year.
  • The hospital or CAH must provide data for its entire population to demonstrate that the volume of surgical procedures inpatient and outpatient) requiring anesthesia services did not exceed 250 procedures.
  • Each qualified nonphysician anesthetist employed by or under contract with the hospital or CAH has agreed in writing not to bill on a reasonable charge basis for his or her patient care to Medicare beneficiaries in that hospital or CAH.
  • Some CAH facilities may be geographically reassigned to urban regions under the CBSA designation. In those instances where special exemption has been granted by the CMS Regional Office for the hospital to retain their CAH status in the urban geographical region, a copy of the CMS exemption letter should be sent along with the supporting documentation.

Reviewed: 12.02.22


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