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The "Remittance" tab of myCGS will allow you to view and print remittance advices for claims processed by CGS.

Remittance Look-Up

To access your remittances:

  • Select the "Remittance" tab. The "Remittance Look-Up"page will display.
  • You may search by:
    • Check number
      • Some check numbers may begin with letters, e.g., "EFT" for Electronic Funds Transfer.
    • Paid date in the MM/DD/YYYY format (or use the calendar icon)
    • Remittances issued within the last 30 days (which is default)
    • Date range
      • Click the "Select Specific Range" option and enter a date (MM/DD/CCYY format) in the "Date Range" field(s).
      • The date range will default to 45 days from the beginning date.
      • You can choose a shorter date range, but you cannot choose a date range of more than 45 days.

        Screen Shot

NOTE: Remittances are readily available for approximately one year. If you need to retrieve remittances that are older than one year, myCGS may experience a delay. CGS does not guarantee access to remittances that are older than one year

Once you have chosen the search option for remittances you want to view, click "Submit."

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Sorting and Viewing Remittances

Remittances that fall within your search option will display on the "Lookup Results" page. The remittance with the most recent date will appear at the top of the list.

  • You may sort the list by clicking on the column header (i.e., Date, Paid Date, Check Number, Amount.) The results will sort based on your selection.
  • To view a remittance advice, click on the Portable Document Format (PDF) icon that corresponds with the remittance you want to view.

    Screen Shot

  • The remittance advice will display.

    Screen Shot

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Printing Remittances

Once your remittance is displayed, you can print a copy by clicking on the "Print" icon located on the menu bar of the program used to view PDFs (e.g., Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Edge, etc.)

Screen Shot

NOTE: If you do not have Acrobat Reader software, you can download it at no cost. You also may be able to view PDFs in your Internet browser.

To enter new search criteria, click the "New Lookup" button.

Screen Shot

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