myCGS User Manual

The myCGS User Manual provides detailed information about accessing and obtaining information from the myCGS web portal. The User Manual is aligned with the various Tabs available in myCGS. As a reminder, myCGS users are assigned rights to the Tabs by their myCGS Provider Administrator. Therefore, a myCGS user may not have access to all Tabs in myCGS. See Chapter 1: Overview of myCGS PDF for more information about Provider Administrator and Provider User rights.

Chapter 1: Overview of myCGS PDF

This chapter provides an introduction of myCGS, including Provider Administrator and Provider User roles, how to register, passwords, and logging in and out of myCGS.

Chapter 2: Claims Tab

This chapter explains how to access and view claims data using the myCGS web portal.

Chapter 3: Remittance Tab PDF

Chapter 3 provides information about how to view and print remittance advices using myCGS.

Chapter 4: Eligibility Tab PDF

This chapter includes instructions for accessing beneficiary eligibility information, including deductible and cap information, preventive benefits, Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP), home health and hospice services, and hospital and skilled nursing facility (SNF) stays.

Chapter 5: Financial Tools Tab PDF

Chapter 5 explains how to check your payment floor status, and determine recent checks issued to your office/facility.

Chapter 6: Messages Tab PDF

The Messages chapter explains how to maintain the secure messages received in myCGS when various functions are performed in the portal, including requests for Redetermination and the eOffset process.

Chapter 7: Forms Tab

This chapter provides information on how to submit Redeterminations, eOffset requests, medical review additional documentation requests. It also provides information on how to submit, Part B reopenings, and Medicare credit balance reports and cost reports for Part A and Home Health & Hospice, as well as home health pre-claim review (PCR) requests to CGS using the myCGS web portal. Note there are three different sections. Please select the section that best represents your provider type:

Chapter 8: Administration TabPDF

This chapter explains the role of the Provider Administrator, including how to add, edit or delete a Provider User.

Updated: 12.16.16

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