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CGS Application Status Check

Welcome to the CGS Provider Enrollment Online application status tool. You can easily obtain the current status on your provider enrollment application by using the search feature in this tool. You can search for applications by the CGS Reference Number from your acknowledgement letter, NPI, PTAN or Web Tracking ID from your PECOS on-line submission. Searches conducted with the CGS Reference Number or Web Tracking ID will bring back information specific to a single application. Searches by NPI and or PTAN may result in multiple applications being displayed if you have submitted more than one application. Search results will display the application reference number, identify the CMS application type and whether it is a Part A, Part B or Home Health and Hospice application. The application status will identify the stage of the enrollment process the application is currently in. A status description will provide clarifying information and contact information if applicable. Results are updated daily.

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