CGS Application Status Check

CGS Application Status Check


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If you do not know your reference number, enter your email address below to have your reference number emailed to you. We will match your email address to the one you included on your application. If you have more than 5 applications associated with your email address, please call Customer Service for assistance. If you do not receive an email, we may not have your application yet or the email address that you supplied may not match the one that we have in our records.

CGS sends a courtesy letter to providers within 15 days, acknowledging receipt of the application. If the application is complete and accurate, it is processed timely. If, however, additional information is required to process an application, CGS will send another letter, either via email or mail, detailing additional items required.

From the time a provider receives a letter requesting additional information, the provider is controlling the remaining time required to complete the application. Therefore, it is imperative that providers or their representatives respond timely and accurately to our request for additional information. If a provider doesn't respond timely and accurately to the request, the application will be rejected. To reapply, the provider will need to complete an entirely new application and start the process over.

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