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KE/KY Modifier Tool

Revised 01.08.19

New: KE/KY Modifier Tool spreadsheetMicrosoft Excel File

The KE/KY Modifier Tool will help Suppliers determine the appropriate use of the KE and/or KY modifiers. The KE and KY modifiers are used to indicate options/accessories used with a non-competitive bid base. Application of the KE and KY modifiers is dependent upon the bid status of the accessory and the base piece of equipment. Please note: This tool strictly provides information on whether the KE, KY, or KE and KY modifier combinations are required. Other modifiers may be required in addition to the KE and/or KY modifier.  

Instructions for Use:

  • Select the appropriate beneficiary location and date of service for the claim from the drop down menu and press submit
  • Enter the accessory code and the base code with which the accessory is used and press submit
  • The appropriate combination of the KE and/or KY modifiers will be displayed

Select the beneficiary location and date of service:

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