CERT Claim Identifier Tool
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CERT Claim Identifier Tool

This CERT Claim Identifier Tool has been designed to aid Medicare providers obtain the results of their CERT review.

Enter the CID number of the claim shown below the bar code on the request for documentation letter received from CERT Documentation Center. If you get a prompt "There are no results matching your search criteria. Would you like to try another search?" this could mean that the CID you entered is incorrect (check that you entered the correct number), the CID is not part of the current CERT reporting period, or the CID you entered is not associated with the CGS J15 Jurisdiction.

Once CGS receives the decision it will be loaded into the Claim Identifier Tool. Claims displayed as NO with a review date are not in error, displayed as NO and with no review date are pending CERT review and you should check the status again and claims in error will display as YES. If YES is displayed you will also see the CERT Reviewer comments regarding why the claim was in error, you may appeal the CERT decision via the Medicare appeal process.

Questions may be directed to: J15CERTCID@cgsadmin.com


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