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April 2, 2021

New IVR Changes Effective Monday, April 5

CGS has made the following changes to the IVR system, effective Monday, April 5:

  1. Main menu Option 1 (formerly Claims Information) and Option 2 (formerly Beneficiary Information) were swapped.
    • Beneficiary Information is more frequently selected than Claims Information. Now suppliers will have fast access to beneficiary options without having to wait on the claims prompt to pass.
    • New selections: Option 1 for Beneficiary Information, Option 2 for Claims Information.
  2. We moved the call center closure information from within Customer Hours of Operations (formerly main menu 4, press 2) and placed it on its own prompt (main menu 4, press 3) entitled Customer Service Closure Schedule.
    • This change will save time for suppliers by allowing them to choose whether they want to hear regular customer service hours or a specified closure schedule.
  3. We added reason for entitlement (if available) as an option under Beneficiary Eligibility to enhance the amount of relevant information available to suppliers.
  4. Overall system navigation is faster and more efficient, thereby making the best use of the suppliers’ valuable time.

View the IVR User Guide FlowchartPDF and IVR System Script for more detailed information.


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