CGS Administrators, LLC

September 22, 2017

Cures Act Adjustments Finishing Up!

Preliminary data analysis indicates there are only a few thousand Cures Act claims still processing through the system and those should complete next week. Just a quick reminder – check your Medicare Remittance Advice statements for Remark Code N689, which is the remark code the DME MACs use for all Cures Act adjustments.

For those of you that need to file Reopenings to add the KE modifier, we invite you to use the templates we created just for this process: the Cures Adjustment KE Modifier Reopening Request form as the fax cover sheet and the KE Modifier template to list the claims and necessary information.

This will be the last "official" weekly ListServ concerning Cures Act adjustments. If need be, though, CGS will use a ListServ to keep our supplier community updated if any issues arise.

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