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CGS Administrators, LLC

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Medical Review Tools

CGS Wizard

CGS Wizard

CGS Wizard (formerly, MR WIZARD) contains processed claim details for all claims submitted to Jurisdiction C, ADR status, medical review decisions and resources directly from our website! Just enter a 14-digit CCN (claim control number) and CGS Wizard will give you the claim and/or medical review denial details you need to resubmit your claim!

ADR Tool

This tool identifies what the ADR # on your Remittance letter means.

Prior Authorization Lookup

Enter any HCPCS Code into this tool to determine whether or not the code is subject to Prior Authorization.

TSD TimelineExternal PDF

CGS has designed this TSD activity timeline to assist suppliers in obtaining proper documentation from the certifying physician and the ordering physician/practitioner within the required timeline. It also assists the supplier to meet the supplier activity timelines and requirements outlined in the Local Coverage Determination (LCD) and Policy Article (PA).