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CGS Xchange

CGS Medicare is now offering the opportunity for suppliers to receive individualized education via teleconference calls!

The CGS Xchange program is a NEW supplier education program designed to assist suppliers reduce their claim denial rates! All education for this program will be conducted by a Medical Review Nurse and will focus on questions you have submitted related to policy requirements, in addition to providing you with the educational resources available to assist with your individual needs.

Just click on the link below to complete the online request form to request your CGS Xchange call today! All requests should be emailed to

CGS Xchange℠ calls are not a substitute for TPE Intra-Probe or Post-Probe Educational calls. The CGS Xchange℠ Program is not a prior approval or authorization program and participation in CGS Xchange does not exempt Suppliers from the TPE audit process, and in no way affects a suppliers right to the Appeals process. Our recommendations under the CGS Xchange℠ Program are for educational purposes only and do not guarantee payment for services billed. The CGS Xchange℠ program does not provide claim reviews. The CGS Xchange℠ Program does provide approved educational resources and individualized education to assist in improving supplier denial rates

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