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Originally published 08/13/2015
Revised: 04/29/2016

CGS Connect™ is a unique concierge-level service offered exclusively for Jurisdiction C suppliers seeking professional review and evaluation of pre-claim documentation before submitting an initial claim to Medicare.

CGS Connect™ is a voluntary program that provides you with a higher level of assurance that your supporting documentation meets the necessary requirements to process your claim for payment consideration.

CGS Connect™ is not a prior approval or authorization program. Participation in CGS Connect™ does not exempt suppliers from the audit process. Our review and recommendations under the CGS Connect™ program are for educational purposes only and do not guarantee payment for services billed. CGS Connect™ does offer you professional evaluation of your pre-claim documentation and it provides you with individualized education to prevent future documentation-related errors.

Here's How It Works:

As a Jurisdiction C supplier, you may request a clinical review of your pre-claim documentation.

When you request a non-clinical review through CGS Connect™, our professional review staff will review your documentation and provide you with documented, detailed feedback via a letter on any issues or concerns identified during the review. CGS allows one additional CGS Connect™ request to review documentation after you have had the opportunity to make improvements before you submit your claim.

When Can You Expect A Response?

If the documentation review is being requested after the equipment has been delivered, CGS will respond in writing within 15 days. You will be notified that the documentation is either "supported" or "unsupported" and you will be provided with information about why the documentation didn't meet Medicare guidelines.

If the documentation review is being requested before the equipment has been delivered, CGS will attempt to respond with a phone call and a letter within 10 days.

And, if you get an answer with the first request that your documentation is "unsupported" but you want to collect more and have us look at it again, you'll get an answer within 30 days. Please ensure that all supporting documentation is submitted with your second request.

Our CGS Connect™ program offers a broad range of benefits, including:

How Do You Get Started?

To request a professional pre-claim review of your documentation, simply complete the CGS Connect™ Request FormPDF located under the "forms" section of CGS Connect™ Request Form instructionsPDF and important fax information is included with the form.

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