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5010 277CA Reject Code Lookup Tool

The Reject Code Lookup ToolExternal Website provides explanations for the edit code(s) returned on the Status Information segment (STC) of the version 5010 277CA – Claim Acknowledgement. Enter the code information in the appropriate field as outlined below and select Submit.

Edit Examples for Top Three Edits Received on the 277CA by CEDI:

  1. CSCC = A7, CSC = 507
  2. CSCC = A8, CSC = 562, CSC = 128, EIC = 85
  3. CSCC = A7, CSC = 164, EIC = IL

Note: This edit tool is for durable medical equipment specific edit descriptions. If you are trying to view edit explanations for other lines of business, please visit the appropriate Medicare/Jurisdiction web page for more information.

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