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LiveLine PLUS

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LiveLine PLUS – an interactive webinar format designed to allow you to get answers to policy-based questions directly from POE representatives who have the answers. LiveLine PLUS is a great way to ask questions, get answers; share information and learn from others' experiences. Attendees may ask questions either verbally, or in writing using the Q&A feature during the webinar.

LiveLine PLUS webinars are always held in conjunction with a policy-based webinar. Attendees are encouraged to attend the policy-based webinar (usually scheduled a day or two prior to the LiveLine PLUS session) for detailed coverage criteria and documentation requirements.  

LiveLine plus sessions are informational only and specific claims cannot be reviewed or discussed.

How Do I Register?

Registration for LiveLine PLUS is as easy as registering for any of our webinars. Simply visit the DME MAC Jurisdiction C Webinars page and select an available session listed under Policy Based Webinars.

Join us for LiveLine PLUS!  There's nothing better than getting instant answers to your policy-based questions!

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