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Community Coach Program

Community Coach

The CGS Community Coach Program (CCP) is unique to Medicare and provides an unparalleled level of education through collaboration with other MACs. Within each DME MAC jurisdiction, there are a number of A/B MAC contractors. At Jurisdiction C, CGS has aligned members of our POE team with A/B MAC partners to extend education related to prescribing/ordering provider/supplier relationships. POE representatives foster strong relationships with state associations and other MACs within their CCP territory to develop and conduct education and to attend events.

CGS POE representatives have assigned territories across Jurisdiction C so every supplier has a unique Community Coach (point of contact) for their state to go to with education requests or information. Community Coaches provide education using a variety of methods, including:

Community Coach States
Lisa Addison GA, SC
Angie Cooper NM, OK, TX
Liliana Hewlett (Bi-lingual) PR, USVI
Judie Roan NC, VA, WV
Belinda Yandell AL, FL, TN
David Heller LA, MS
Sarah Barbian AR, CO

Education requests should be submitted to:


Patricia Stephens

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